What would I be, if God wanted me to be something different?
I would be whatever God saw fit to make me.
I would be a crow picking at the bones of the dead.
I would be a worm nestled in the heart of my enemies.
I would be a faceless angel. I would be a rabid wolf.
I would be a broken mirror.
But make no mistake, my children.
Whatever God sees fit for me, one thing will never change.
I will always be a monster.

Reality as you know it was limited, now you know the full truth of the universe and reality, it casts many different reflections in the Mirrors of Imagination. It has a thousand facets, reflections that change and shift. Each chronicle is a new iteration, a new tale reshaping the world. Now the power to change everything has increased. In a world of increasing possibilities it may be the final pebble in the pool that will cause everything to come crashing down.

Fringe Reality: Breaking the Mirrors of the Imagination

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